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1952 MG-TD
$32,000 ONO

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You are reading about what must be one of the best restored MG TD's available. Please take the time to learn all about this car, and understand the price. Be assured the car is offered for far less than the restoration cost, a fact that is undeniable with the paperwork and photographs, that comes with the car.

Every step of the restoration is documented with invoices, and photos. No cost was spared, not only to rebuild the car to original specs, but also to make the restoration last for a long time. For example, all non copper or brass parts that were chromed, were copper acid plated before chrome plated. All painted body parts were sanded down (not bead blasted or chemically stripped) before priming and painting. The chassis was stripped and primed with a very high chromate primer to prevent rust. All electrical connectors look like original (which they are) but are all soldered. The list can go on and on.

This car is well worth the asking price, and will last you a life time or more, as a driver, touring and show car.

The history

This MG-TD came to us as a restoration project that had already been started by the owner. The vehicle was purchased the brother of the current owner in the early seventies, and has been in the family for the past 40 years. He used it as a daily driver during his years as a student in California. The TD moved with him, eventually to the East coast. The car was no longer used a daily driver, and became a valued hobby car. The MG was starting to get issues; the car was stripped and Moss Motors contacted for parts. Many were acquired and the restoration started. Unfortunately, early in the process (upon the death of the owner), the project came to a halt, but the car remained in the family. At this point it was nothing more than a rolling chassis, body parts, and a number of unlabelled boxes. Considering this history, the current mileage (43,000) seems appropriate and quite likely accurate.

This is how the car came to our shop; in boxes.

The restoration

All chrome parts were stripped, and re-chromed or replaced. Reproduction parts that were under par were rejected, and often original old parts were acquired and rebuilt. Our chrome-plater did an unbelievable job straightening and repairing the radiator shroud. The windscreen was replaced, new wiring harness installed, and all instruments were rebuilt by Nisonger.

The engine was completely overhauled. The cylinder head was prepared for unleaded gasoline and the valve guides were replaced. Observing enthusiasts will have noticed on the picture, that the head went through extensive period tuning, done in the sixties by the first owner. The head bolt studs in the intake ports were removed to increase the flow. HRC finished the job by capping the upper bolt holes and using counter sunk Alan bolts to clamp the head to the block. This was done to prevent distortion to the upper deck of the head. New piston rings and bearings were installed as well as new upgraded rod bolts. Modern lip seals at the rear and front of the crank replaced the troublesome rope seals. All the machining was done by vintage race car engine specialist Barry Sale of PHP Racengines in Wauconda.

The clutch was replaced and the gearbox was gone through. The car now shifts really nice.

We dare say that this car is generally better than new. Literally no expense was spared to make it as good as possible. New tires, rebuilt Armstrong shock absorbers, all new rubber, all new superior chrome, new radiator core, rebuilt carburetors, new master brake cylinder, original oil filled air filter, custom made duck tonneau, NOS black vinyl top and side curtains, new green leather upholstery. Literally too much to mention, but feel free to ask!

The wood in this vehicle was in incredible good condition, to the point that no wooden parts needed replacing.

With the car comes a valuable selection of used and original parts. Also included are several CD's of photo documentation of all the work done to the car while at HRC. Among the parts that come with the car are Brooklands wind screens, as good as new period optional heater, MG organization badges on the badge bar and even an original work light that plugs in to the dash!

We are very proud of the result. The car is better than new, but at the same time not over restored. Paint supplier used a new DuPont developed system to match aged colors. As part of their testing, they graciously helped us get as close to the original color as possible. The exterior primrose yellow paint color in combination with the period green upholstery is stunning. With the results achieved, we feel we have faithfully duplicated the original color scheme.

Driving this TD you will experience a phenomenally smooth ride and the pleasure coupled with the extra horsepower of the tuned and balanced engine. The brakes work great and are very responsive. Although the exhaust system is made of stainless steel from the header on, the engine sound is very period. There is absolutely no play in the steering and it has a very steady feel. Most TC's and many TD's, can feel uneasy in traffic, but with this TD I feel as safe as in my daily driver. And the seat belts that are mounted directly to the chassis.

This project, admired by everyone who has seen it, and the pride of Historic Race Car/Vintage Sports Car, went way over budget. (as is almost always the case!) The owner is willing to sell the car for significantly less than the cost of the restoration to make room for his 1935 MG PB currently under restoration
If you are interested in this beautiful car, please contact Historic Race Car/Vintage Sports Car. We will be pleased to tell you all about the project.

The car is available for inspection and test drive in Florida. Please contact us for an appointment.

We are available to help you with any required overseas shipping and can consider provision of delivery services.

1972 Fort Mustang Convertable
$18,000 ONO
7 year old Frame off Restoration:
(a 9 of 10 car)
* Medium Blue paint with Argent Silver Mach 1 accents (painted)
* White Convertible roof with accent boot, Medium Blue Interior
* Mach 1 Grille, Full Factory gauges
* Air-conditioning – needs to be charged
Performance drive train
* Performance enhanced 351C 4bbl – Edelbrock Torker manifold and Holley carb
* New electronic distributor
* Roller rocker valve train, solid lifters
* C-6 auto w/Ford truck clutches & pumps, B&M Shift kit
* 9” Ford Factory Posi-traction


$ 67.500
This car came in for an engine and transmission change. The owner had Alpine America build him an upgraded 5 speed (353 Monte Carlo) and a brand new R5 Alpine motor. (Type 840 with about 135 HP).

After the car came in our shop we found that there were many issues with it. The chassis had to come out and it was completely stripped. After repairs, and modifications to route the cooling tubes through the central tube, the chassis was not zinc plated, but painted with DP50 instead.

The car is equipped with bearings, new window rubber, and new rubber boots. Recent (less than 1000 miles) on the shock absorbers, new bushings, new springs (group IV). The radiator was moved to the front as original, and is backed up by two Rabotti fans, one switched on the dash, one with a thermos switch.

The chrome bumpers were repaired and re chromed like new. It has original 1600 rims with practically new Bridgestone tires.
As stated the engine is brand new. It is an 840 engine that fits without modification in a V85 Alpine. (V85 is the type ID for an A110 with a 1300cc non Gordini engine). The engine was build conform the Group 2 specs and delivers about 135 HP. The clutch also is brand new. The 5 speed transmission has a 4 spider differential with “bigger” u-joints.
The shift linkage was replaced to fit to the new gearbox. The car shifts phenomenal.
A new Devil exhaust is installed fitted on a custom 4 in1 header.

The lower front of the body was replaced with a new section to accommodate the front radiator. Inside the trunk a glass fiber cover was installed over the radiator and fans to duct the hot air away. A spare (with a smaller tire) will fit in the trunk. The car has the desirable “plastic” fuel tank. All fuel lines are new to the twin double Dell’Orto carburetors. A new electric fuel pump is installed.

Inside the car has all the right (original) instruments. Apparently the car was once equipped with a heated windscreen, which has been replaced at some time with a non hated screen. It has the Mod Plastia bucket seat, both in excellent condition.

The car has two flaws. The door rubber on either side need replacement, for the rest it is in excellent condition.
Please contact us for more information.

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